Gillian Foxfire

Former Arcanist Advisor and Honourable Member for the Council of Piritar


Captain Gillian Foxfire served on The Council of Piritar as an advisor to Captain Holkins and the Arcanist advisor, advising on all instances of arcane lore and local history.

Her ship is the Fire over water.

History Check 15

Captain Foxfire was one of the most feared pirates using magic during the last 15 years of the war. Her ship the fire over water would cause many people to surrender and hand over their goods so that their ships would remain intact. At the end of the war when the moratorium for piracy was announced, she took a position as Aracanist advisor on Orgalos in the town of Piritar. There she has remained.

Streetwise Check 19

It is rumoured that Captain Foxfire may have elven blood and is actually a famed half-elven pirate Isil Tîwele who has terrorized the Lhazaar Principalities over the last 100 years. If that is true, this would mean she dabbles in piracy since the treaty and could be put to death under the high prince’s law.

Killed during the coup in Piritar on the 25th Dravago

Gillian Foxfire

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